Everyone copes with the prospect of climate change differently. Some are all-in on saving the planet, others are focusing on their individual impact, and a select few are happier pretending nothing is happening at all. Words are great and all, but if Buzzfeed has taught us anything, it’s that nothing truly captures the human condition like a Disney character gif.

Scroll through the list to find a Disney character that best suits your current climate change mood. You might be find several that suit your personality, and that’s okay.

Let us know who best represents you in the comments below!

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Tip-toeing to sustainability Bambi

You’re trying your best to live more sustainably and experiencing your fair share of failures. The seitan you tried to make last week wasn’t good — or even technically “edible.” You biked to work once, but that was sweaty. You forget your reusable grocery bags at least 75% of the time. Nonetheless, you’re determined to take control of your individual actions.


Constantly outraged Prince John

Wildfires burned how many acres!? Fossil fuel companies are increasing production!? The Trump administration did what to the EPA!? You literally cannot pound your fist fast enough for what’s going on.

BTW – I bet you totally forgot about this classic Disney character!


Misguided Woody

Your sustainability efforts are genuine, but perhaps a little misguided. You bought bottled water at Costco that said “eco-friendly” on it yesterday and threw your banana peel in the recycle bin. Problem solved.


Living your best sustainable life Pooh

You’ve settled into a pleasant, sustainable lifestyle of eating local organic food, shopping at small businesses, limiting your travel emissions, and supporting environmental efforts as you can. Your carbon footprint is quite small, but you haven’t actually calculated it because that’s not the point. Living sustainably has made you happier, healthier and closer to your community. You’ve accepted that the rest is beyond your control.


Do something Darla

Government? Industry? Individuals? Is anyone going to take climate change seriously? Sure, you’ve made some personal changes, but you believe it’s more important to demand structural change. You do so with emails to elected officials, consumer action, and lots and lots of interaction on social media.


Depressed Lilo

For the moment, climate change is getting the better of you. You’re out of energy and anger. What’s the point of trying when government, industry and fellow humans seem so intent on sticking to the status quo?


Clueless Olaf

You’re not worried in the least about climate change. In fact, you heard from a reputable source it’s actually a Chinese hoax. Plus, even if the climate is changing, you see nothing wrong with warmer winters…


Relentless Moana

You understand the scope of the problem and what needs to be done, but no one is listening so you take matters into your own hands. You strive for zero waste, show up for climate strikes, volunteer for tree plantings, bike to work — the whole nine yards. You’ll stop at nothing to save the planet.


Just along for the ride Doug

This climate change thing hasn’t fully sunk in, but your friends are on board so you’re tagging along! However, your sustainable efforts are frequently interrupted by shiny objects.


Feature photo by Zakaria Ahada on Unsplash.

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