Between my expectations for sustainability and comfort, I have pretty high standards for wardrobe basics like undergarments. WAMA Underwear prioritizes sustainability and ethical practices, providing a solution that exceeds my expectations!

There isn’t much more personal than underwear. It’s how we start and end each day. It can make the difference between being uncomfortable or going through your day with peace of mind.

Since underwear is so personal, its important to match the fabric closest to your skin with your ethical values. Recently, there has been an increased number of sustainable underwear brands. This has made switching to sustainable, earth friendly underwear easier than ever.

We gave WAMA Underwear a try to test out their comfort, and looked at their ethical and sustainable claims to see if this brand is as Earth friendly as they seem!

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Sustainable Hemp Fabric

Industrial hemp, the cousin of the marijuana plant, is one of the world’s most sustainable fabrics. Its been used for thousands of years to make paper, fabrics, rope, and fuel. According to Forbes, it’s easy to grow organically. The hemp plant is literally a weed – it chokes out other crops without pesticide or herbicide use. Plus, the hemp plant returns nutrients to the soil and captures carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Cotton is often used as the industry standard for sustainable fabric. However, cotton requires about two times more land than hemp per ton of finished fabric. This leads to cotton requiring 50% more water per season than hemp. After processing, cotton uses four times more water than hemp!

Why Hemp Underwear?

Hemp fabric is naturally anti-bacterial and has anti-odor properties. It’s naturally breathable, and gets softer with every wash. Sounds like there couldn’t be a better fabric for underwear, right?

Since hemp is a niche crop, WAMA Underwear is able to source from small, family-run, organic farms. Also, the company is certified Vegan by PETA. Their business practices avoid environmental degradation and minimize emissions.

WAMA Underwear’s Ethical Promise

One of the stand out qualities of WAMA Underwear is their commitment to practices that support employees, their community and the environment. They have shared their code of conduct which highlights their values. It includes the following:

  • No forced labor
  • No underage labor
  • Payment of fair wages
  • Ethical business behavior
  • Protection for the environment

In a world where fast fashion, emissions, and unequal pay for workers seems to be the standard, WAMA Underwear offers an alternative. They are committed to slow fashion, producing clothes in a way that is beneficial for animals, people and the Earth.

Testing WAMA Underwear’s Comfort

I tried out a pair of WAMA’s hipster underwear and their triangle bralette. My boyfriend opted for the boxer briefs. The underwear arrived in a 100% recycled poly mailer, which itself is also recyclable. Opening the package together, we were instantly impressed by the quality.

The WAMA undies are soft, sleek, and obviously crafted with care. We opted for everything in black, but love that the waistline of the black underwear is green. It’s a great reminder that these hemp undies are so ecofriendly! WAMA Underwear also come in green, or five different nude colors covering a wide range of skin tones.

Photo courtesy of WAMA Underwear

I particularly loved the triangle bralette. I’ve tried my fair share of other sustainable bralettes, and this one has a traditional bra clasp. This makes the fit around the ribcage super adjustable.

The hipsters and boxer briefs were also ultra comfortable. WAMA recommends sizing up when you order, so my boyfriend and I both got a size larger than we normally would. These sizes fit perfectly! Make sure you check out WAMA’s sizing chart, and if you’re unsure opt to size up.

After washing the underwear a few times (in cold water and air dried, per WAMA’s recommendation), they were noticeably softer! In the past month, our WAMA Underwear has become a favorite go-to.

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The Final Verdict on WAMA Underwear

You can never have enough staples like underwear in you closet. And with something so personal, its smart to pick products that are great for you and the planet. WAMA Underwear is committed to the environment and building a community, and they make choosing hemp underwear a super easy swap.

WAMA’s hemp underwear may be a bit more spendy than conventional underwear available from Target or Amazon, but they are still priced affordably. And, choosing to shop with this eco-conscious brand gives you the peace of mind that your fashion choices are not promoting fast fashion, pollution, or unethical labor conditions.

We love WAMA Underwear and by now you must too! Use the code EMERALDOLOGY10 to get 10% off your whole purchase of organic hemp underwear at WAMA Underwear.