Looking for an social and eco-friendly way to live in near Seattle? Communal housing is a way to reduce your carbon footprint and live with people that share your values.

We’ve put together some great recourses to make it easier to find communal housing options in near Seattle, especially during this difficult time.

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What is Communal Housing?

Communal housing, or cohousing, “is a conceptual framework for organizing a community” according to Seattle Urban Cohousing. It often involves neighbors sharing common spaces, meals, and everyday duties including childcare and home maintenance.

Some of the key features, according to Cohousing Association of the United States, include:

  • Connected relationships
  • Smaller footprint
  • Private homes
  • Commons spaces
  • Participation
  • Shared values

The Benefits of Communal Housing

Why try communal housing?

For starters, communal housing or cohousing can be more cost efficient, depending on the size and type of home. While the cost of the home itself may vary, many cohousing arrangements include sharing expenses for water, electricity, internet, groceries, and home maintenance. Over time, these savings can be significant.

Further, cohousing is often multi-generational, with residents of ages living together. This can mean built-in childcare, elderly care, and sick care.

Shared values

There’s also the social aspect. Communal housing neighbors often share a core set of values.

A sense of environmentalism and living lighter is common in communal living. According to cohousing.org, “Community means sharing more and consuming less. Collaborating on everything from green technology to recycling makes it all easier.”

Further, finding communal housing in Seattle may make it easier to ditch your gas-guzzling care. Many cohousing options are near public transportation and within walking distance of grocery stores and other vital infrastructure.

Finding Communal Housing Near Seattle

Seattle is one of the most expensive cities for housing in the United States. However, it also has a healthy selection of communal housing options.

If your looking for cohousing near Seattle — or across Washington State — this list from Cohousing.org is a great place to start!

Cohousing in Washington State

CommunityStateCityStatusMove In Year
Bellingham CohousingWashingtonBellinghamEstablished2000
Capitol Hill Urban CohousingWashingtonSeattleEstablished2016
Clearwater CommonsWashingtonBothellEstablished2012
Dragon Belly FarmWashingtonPt. LudlowForming2000
Duwamish CohousingWashingtonSeattleEstablished2000
EcoVillage Dungeness ValleyWashingtonPort AngelesForming2017
Goldfinch GroveWashingtonVancouverForming2022
Greater Neighborhood @ SongaiaWashingtonBothellEstablished2000
Haystack Heights Cohousing CommunityWashingtonSpokaneBuilding2021
Jackson Place CohousingWashingtonSeattleEstablished2001
Karen Whitten aka ParklandWashingtonOnalaskaForming2021
Maxwelton Creek CohousingWashingtonWhidbey IslandEstablished1998
Meadow Wood Cohousing CommunityWashingtonBremertonEstablished2006
New Earth Song Cohousing LLCWashingtonBothellForming
Newt CrossingWashingtonPort TownsendForming2022
Port Townsend EcoVillageWashingtonPort TownsendEstablished2004
Puget Ridge CohousingWashingtonSeattleEstablished1994
Puyallup CohousingWashingtonPuyallupForming2023
Quimper VillageWashingtonPort TownsendEstablished2017
Rooted NorthwestWashingtonArlington HeightsForming2024
RoseWind CohousingWashingtonPort TownsendEstablished1993
Seattle Urban CohousingWashingtonSeattleForming2024
Sharingwood CohousingWashingtonSnohomishEstablished1990
Skagit CohousingWashingtonAnacortesForming2021
Sunnyside Village CohousingWashingtonMarysvilleForming2021
Tammany Commons CohousingWashingtonBothellForming2022
Upper LangleyWashingtonLangleyForming2016
Vashon Island CohousingWashingtonVashonEstablished1993
Winslow CohousingWashingtonBainbridge IslandEstablished1992
Wise Acres Cooperative AssociationWashingtonIndianolaEstablished1990
Woodard Lane CohousingWashingtonOlympiaEstablished2010
List from cohousing.org, Jan 2021

Further cohousing resources

Also, you may want to search the directory at Foundation for Intentional Community. (Note: This site does not seem to be as updated as cohousing.org.)

Finally, if you are looking for an urban modern twist on communal housing, check out Common. This directory lists apartments with shared spaces and amenities, which can drastically reduce the cost of rent.

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Feature photo by Rob Bye on Unsplash