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Welcome to The Beer Garden!

The Beer Garden: Simple Tricks To Ripen Tomatoes (video)

There's nothing more aggravating than a stubborn tomato that just won't ripen up! If...

The Beer Garden: Tackling Tomato Issues (video)

The summer heat brings fruit, flowers and, unfortunately, common tomato issues like...

The Beer Garden: Pippen Learns to Pollinate (Video)

Sam gives Pippen "The Talk" about the birds and the bees. More specifically, he...

What is this place?

The Beer Garden is a collection of videos from Sam and Pippen’s home garden, in which locally brewed beer is the only inorganic substance allowed.

In The Beer Garden we’re not so worried about picturesque blooms and prize-winning produce, although our organic gardening tips will put you on the right track. Our primary goal is to create a space where plants, wildlife and humans can interact and benefit from each other. Juicy tomatoes and fragrant lily blooms are just an added bonus!

While working in the nursery industry, Sam was suprised by how bent out of shape gardeners can get by trying to keep up with the Jones’. He was also shocked by how quick gardeners can be to throw money and chemicals at problems that can just as easily be solved organically.

Things aren’t so high-stakes in The Beer Garden. We laugh at and learn from our failures; we accept that some things are beyond our control; and we share the joy of gardenings with others.

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