In anticipation for leggings season (yay!) Emeraldology’s staff and contributing writers scoured the sustainable leggings market to see which brands use the most eco-friendly materials. We hope this article helps you find a pair of leggings (or two) that bring comfort to your mind, body and soul!

Why Shop For Sustainable Leggings?

Nothing beats a good pair of leggings. Actually, nothing beats a good pair of sustainable leggings. Synthetic materials like polyester, nylon and acrylic are incredibly harsh on the environment, contributing to fossil fuel extraction and leaving microplastics behind. Even non-organic cotton has a significant environmental impact because of the water, land and chemicals it requires to grow.

So we are putting the spotlight on brands that use eco-friendly materials to make sustainable leggings. Feel free to comment with your favorite brand!

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Boody Eco Wear

Leggings Price: $23.95 to $73.95

Sustainable Materials: Viscose bamboo (see process here)

What we love: Great price for sustainable leggings and a variety of bamboo clothes for women, men and babies!

Guest contributor Felicity F. said the packaging was minimal and recyclable (no plastic), sizing was accurate, and the leggings were very comfortable.

“I’m very picky (& cheap!) so to get 10 out of 10 from me is a good recommendation! I don’t wear leggings much, but would definitely order from them again & will look & see what else they have.”

Felicity F., Emeraldology Contributor

Girlfriend Collective

Leggings Price: $68 to $88

Sustainable Materials: Recycled polyester (RPET) made from recycled water bottles; recycled ECONYL made from recycled fishing nets and nylon; Cupro made from waste left behind by the cotton industry. (See more here)

What we love: Commitment to using recycled materials, catering to all body shapes and supporting social justice issues. See Marie Monson’s full write-up here.

“The design of the leggings appeal to me and they make good running bottoms. Ethical, made with the environment in mind, and fashionable. Although it’s my first experience with this company, I’m overall pretty impressed.”

Marie Monson, Emeraldology Contributor
girlfriend collective
sustainable leggings
Screenshot from Girlfriend Collective’s Instagram.

3rd Rock

Leggings price: $66 to $106

Sustainable Materials: Organic cotton; recycled fibers (including RPET); up-cycled and surplus fabrics; Oeko-Tex certified printing ink. (See more here)

What we love: 3rd Rock leggings (and all of their garments) are made specifically for rock climbing and outdoor activities. However, these leggings aren’t just made from sustainable materials — they are made to last in the toughest environments. They come in wild, colorful designs and more modest black and solid colors.

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Organic Basics

Leggings Price: $94 (Psst: use promo code EMERALOBC for 10% off!)

Sustainable materials: Silvertech made from 96% recycled nylon; coated with Polygiene, a Bluesign certified recycled silver salt that inhibits odor and bacteria. Further, polygiene is non-nano and “has no harmful effect on the environment when washing.”

What we love: Organic Basics is a certified B Corp, 1% for the Planet and incredibly transparent with their environmental impacts and supply chain. The leggings come in a wide variety of sizes and colors. In addition, you can actually search men’s and women’s clothing by fabric type — making sure you purchase a sustainable material.

Tani USA

Leggings Price: $55 or $125 for a 3-pack

Sustainable Materials: MicroModalAIR from renewably grown beech wood trees; Tencel from sustainably sourced Eucalyptus; Cupro from cotton waste; ROICA stretch fabric made with pre-consumer recycled content. (See more here)

What we love: Tani USA specializes in men’s and women’s underwear and has a great selection of affordable and sustainable leggings for pajamas. Further, they use an impressive range of sustainable and natural fibers. Also, all materials are sourced from Oeko-Tex certified suppliers, which means the fabrics are chemical-free!

Did we leave out your favorite sustainable leggings brand? Let us know in the comments section below!

Feature photo from Girlfriend Collective’s Instagram.