On your way to a sustainable lifestyle it can be tough to figure out how to be both eco-friendly and fashionable. Fashion vloggers can help us make Earth-friendly fashion choices and design a wardrobe full of natural materials.

What do fashion vloggers do?

Fashion vloggers share helpful tips, shopping recommendations and on-trend reporting on social media. They also test out emerging brands and fashions to show which products are worth a shot. Their work not only shifts culture toward sustainability, it holds the industry accountable for unsustainable products and practices.

Wear I Live

One of our favorite fashion vloggers, Jenny focuses “on navigating the fashion world in a more ethical and sustainable way.” Highlights of her Youtube channel include thrift shop hauls, cruelty-free beauty products, eco-lifestyle tips and vegan/plant-based meals.

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Madelynn is “passionate about veganism, french cinema, and sustainable fashion.” Popular videos on her channel include minimalist makeup looks, clothing swaps, curly hair tips and vegan food.

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Hitomi Mochizuki

One of New York City’s top sustainable fashion vloggers. This yoga instructor features vegan recipes, thrift looks, and mental health on her channel.

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Use Less

Signe is a Denmark based fashion vlogger whose goal is to “inspire women to buy less, choose more carefully and have fun with a systematic and more minimal approach to their wardrobe.” Her channel includes videos with eco tips, minimalism, DIY clothing, and capsule wardrobes.

Follow her here on Instagram, Pinterest or her blog.

The Anna Edit

Anna Newton is a UK based fashion vlogger and author focused on organization and minimalism. Her channel features capsule wardrobes and makeup.

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The Fashion Citizen

These two Arizona based fashion vloggers have a YouTube channel filled with great thrift shop finds, makeup looks and food.

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