We want Emeraldology to be an inclusive, interactive community resource for anyone even remotely interested to share their thoughts about contributing to a healthier planet.

We’ve been fortunate to publish articles from nearly a dozen diverse authors from around the United States. You could be next, just contact us here or on social media!

What we’re looking for

  • Product reviews: Did you find a product that’s making your everyday actions more Earth-friendly? Share your experience! Tell your community how it works and what makes it sustainable. Or tell us what’s missing from the product or company.
  • Greenwash Alerts: We’ve all been duped by an “eco-friendly” product that wasn’t so eco-friendly, and it sucks! We’re giving you an opportunity to rant and rave about it, turning that bad experience into a cautionary tale for others.
  • Eco-Friendly Adventure Reports: What are you doing to get away from screens and carbon intensive activities? How are you connecting with nature and the beings that make human life possible? Give us a report on your latest hike, garden tour, bike ride, beach trip or whatever else peeled you away from Netflix recently.
  • Recipes and Restaurant Reviews: Post a recipe or restaurant review that has made Earth-friendly eating easier (and tastier) for you! We’re looking especially for content featuring vegan, organic, vegetarian and local food.
  • Creative Climate Content: Climate issues are creeping further into human culture’s collective conscious, and appearing more in our art, poetry, film and music. Consider Emeraldology a platform on which to broadcast your creative climate content! Show us how you’re bringing climate issues into the mainstream.
  • (Almost) anything else! If it makes sustainable living easier or connects climate with other issues, we want to share it! However, we do try to stay proactive, productive and upbeat. We know that the biosphere is simultaneously melting, burning and shrinking. We know that the current administration is pushing us in the wrong direction. Believe me, we could rant about it all day. But we’re focused on the “everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay,” as J.R.R. Tolkien so eloquently put it.

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