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Triviavore — The Ultimate Nature Trivia Board Game


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First herbivores and carnivores, and now Triviavore — the ultimate nature trivia board game.

(Trivia question for two points: “Is the brain of a giant squid shaped like a donut, a hot dog, or a wedding cake”?)

Triviavore highlights the brilliant absurdity of mother nature. But it also employs Darwinian survival strategies. You don’t need to know a thing about aardvarks to become an apex hunter.

Unlike some trivia games, this one offers you closed choices (“A, B, or C?”). So if a question stumps the central organ in your nervous system, you can frequently survive on hunches, or guessing.

(Trivia question for two points: “Is an orangutan’s largest bone in (1) the upper leg or (2) the lower arm?”)

If you think trivia questions are about as friendly as rattlesnakes, then go light on the gnarly questions. Find “camouflage and dodge” or “ink and stink” cards to build your defenses. Or land on a human to damage someone else’s habitat (or repair your own).

Triviavore takes two or three minutes to set up and 15-20 minutes to play. It is printed entirely in the USA on sustainably harvested paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. It has no plastic parts, and is not even shrink-wrapped. The cards celebrate nature and are colorful and attractive.

The below-eight crowd might need to be on someone else’s team, or to wait (not too long) for the soon-to-be-released, supplemental “little kids’ pack”. In the meantime: This is a game for trivia bar night, family vacations, botanists, birders, biologists, dude ranchers, game wardens, paleontologists, park rangers, pet lovers, school teachers, and hopefully, you.

Have fun!

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