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Organic Pollinator Garden Seeds – 5 Packs


Create an organic refuge for local pollinators with a Seattle Seed Co. Pollinator Garden kit. This kit includes 5 packs of USDA Certified Organic seeds to grow Lavender, Echinacea, Borage, Lacy Phacelia, and Nicotiana. With proper care, these plants will return year-after-year to create a longstanding pollinator paradise!

See description below for more info on each plant.

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USDA Certified Organic seeds from Seattle Seed Co. The Pollinator Garden 5-pack is designed specifically to attract and benefit a wide variety of pollinators including butterflies, bumblebees, moths and hummingbirds. This mix includes:

  • Echinacea (Purple Coneflower) – A beautiful perennial with daisy-like flowers that attract butterflies and are used for medicinal purposes.
  • Borage – Bright blue flowers that are irresistible to honeybees. Borage flowers and leaves are edible, too!
  • Nicotiana – A vigorous growing annual that often self-seeds. Fragrant, creamy white flowers attract moths. Nicotiana is considered poisonous, so keep away from children and pets!
  • English Lavender – This purple-flowering perennial is just as beneficial to pollinators as it is to humans. Breathe in the soothing lavender fragrance or use fresh or dried flowers for cooking and crafts!
  • Lacy Phacelia (Fiddleneck) – Unique purple flowers that attract bees and beneficial insects like syrphid fly larva that feast on aphids. This plant spreads very easily, so keep an eye on it!

Each Pollinator Garden seed packet includes specific instructions for when, where and how to plant. It also includes plant-specific remarks on propagating, medicinal uses, culinary uses and more.

Why buy Pollinator Garden seeds from Emeraldology?

Why buy Pollinator Garden seeds from Emeraldology?

Your purchase not only supports a small business, it supports a small business supporting other small businesses!

Emeraldology is a Seattle-based guide to Earth-friendly living. What is Earth-friendly living? It’s making that extra effort – big or small – to reduce your personal impact on the planet. We believe supporting small businesses with sustainable practices is a crucial part of Earth-friendly living.

In the Emeraldology Shop we’ve carefully selected products that cut down on plastic waste, reduce shipping emissions, support small businesses, or otherwise contribute to an Earth-friendly lifestyle.

Once your order is placed, Sam will get right to work processing it and shipping it in plastic-free packaging. Although Amazon’s two- and one-day shipping is convenient, it is terribly inefficient and hard on the environment. We hope our customers willing to wait an extra day or two to have their order shipped in a full truck that was stopping by your mailbox anyway. So far, we’ve been correct!

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