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Organic Dog Treats Bundle | Pick 3 Save 10

Bundle 3 or more bags of dog treats to save 10% on your order! Pick three of the same or a sampler platter — any combination works!

Once you’ve chosen three or more items, click the “Add to Cart” button below the items to continue.

  • Organic Dog Treats | Peanut Butter Banana Minis

    100% USDA organic certified dog treats perfect for small dogs and training treats.

    Temporarily unavailable

  • Organic Dog Treats | Pumpkin Snaps | Handmade

    100% USDA organic certified dog treats featuring organic pumpkin, carrot and ginger.

    Temporarily unavailable

  • Organic Dog Treats | Berry Banana Coco Chunk

    100% USDA organic certified dog treats featuring blueberry, banana, and coconut with a dash of cinnamon.

    Temporarily unavailable

  • Organic Dog Treats | Butternut Kale Bites

    100% USDA organic certified dog treats packed with vitamins and flavor.

    Temporarily unavailable

This product is currently unavailable.



Combine and save with our organic dog treats bundle! Pick any combination of three or more items to save 10% on your order and make your doggo a happy camper.

All treats quality tested and approved by Pippen the Australian Shepherd.

Why Organic Dog Treats?

What’s better than a happy, healthy dog? These USDA certified organic dog treats are handmade by the folks at Dog Mamma’s. They were designed to keep their competitive dogs in tip-tip shape — a few “Best in Breed” awards at Westminster Kennel Club proves they are on to something.

Small batch, organic dog treats aren’t just beneficial for your dog; they are much more sustainable for the planet. The carbon footprint of organic plant-based ingredients is exponentially smaller than that of processed meat and artificial fillers.

These organic and non-GMO treats support small business and sustainable farming practices. They are free of artificial ingredients and fillers like wheat, corn and soy.

Made in the USA by a small, woman-owned business.

Why Bundle?

Organic and eco-friendly items tend to be more expensive than their counterparts, making them inaccessible for many customers. These bundles are our way of making our products more affordable without running ourselves out of business!

Why Buy a Dog Treats Bundle from Emeraldology?

Emeraldology is the study of everyday actions that contribute to a healthier planet. We believe supporting small businesses with sustainable practices is a crucial part of creating a better future for life on Earth.

After receiving your order, Sam will get right to work processing it. Then, he will send you a personal email when your goods are on their way.

Although Amazon’s rush shipping is convenient, it is terribly inefficient and hard on the environment. We hope our customers willing to wait an extra day or two for us to ship orders in a full truck that is stopping by your mailbox anyway.

So far, we’ve been correct!

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