Handmade Native Bee Bottle with Hanger


A simple and elegant way to entice native bees to call your garden home! Designed especially for Mason and Leafcutter bees, which are gentle, solitary and excellent for pollinating flowers, veggies and fruit trees!

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Make your garden an enticing home for native bees with this simple, elegant bee bottle from Potting Shed Creations! Using upcycled materials, this bee habitat is designed especially for gentle, solitary species like Mason and Leafcutter Bees.

Hang house at roughly eye-level (so you can easily inspect it) using the felt hanger. Face the bee bottle opening east to catch the morning sun.

Mason Bees: 140 varieties native to North America. Gentle and solitary bees with exceptional pollinating abilities. A great spring pollinator, one mason bee can pollinate on pace with 100 honeybees! Stings are rare and mason bee stingers are without barbs or venom. Learn more here.

Leafcutter Bees:  Extremely gentle and product bees that are especially busy in the summer heat. Several species are native to North America. Excellent guests to have in the garden, as one leafcutter bee can pollinate on pace with 20 honeybees! Learn more here.

Product Materials: Upcycled wine bottle, bee nesting tubs, wool felt hanger w/ steel grommet, directions.

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