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Start a new holiday tradition of growing your own Christmas tree! This kit has everything you need to sprout and grow a beautiful Scotch Pine (Pinus sylvestris), the preferred Christmas tree in many countries. Sprout it this year and watch it grow up to a foot per year, reaching 7-8 feet in its first six to eight years.

Perfect for small spaces, for gifts, or to start a unique, Earth-friendly holiday tradition.

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Break free of the “real vs fake” Christmas tree debate. The most eco-friendly option is bringing a new tree into the world, instead of cutting one down or buying one made of plastic. Scotch Pines grow to be majestic 60 ft tall by 40 ft wide trees that provide food, habitat, shade and carbon sequestration.

Not bad for a $12 kit!

Kit includes: tree seed, coir seedling pot, OMRI listed soil, metal saucer, aluminum tag, jute bag, and detailed growing directions.

Can sow directly outdoors in late fall or early winter or start indoors at any time and grow in a container for many years. Part of the tree-to-be collection by Potting Shed Creations, one of our (favorite) fellow small businesses based in the Northwest.

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Additional information

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