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Attract gentle, native bee species to your yard and garden with a handmade beer bottle bee house! These unique glass bottle pollinator habitats are designed specifically with Mason and Leafcutter bees in mind. Both species are known as peaceful, non-stinging bees with ultra-efficient pollinating abilities.

Read more in the description below. We make Wine Bottle Bee Houses, too!

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What is a Native Bee House?

Our Beer Bottle Native Bee House is designed to attract gentle, native bee species to your garden. These handmade upcycled pollinator habitats are made specifically with Mason and Leafcutter bees in mind. Both species are peaceful, non-stinging bees with amazing pollinating abilities.

Hang at eye level in early spring before outdoor temperatures reach 55 degrees. If possible, face the opening East or South to help it warm up faster in the morning. Place the bee house in a quiet corner of your yard to give them a little privacy.

These bee houses are handmade in Washington from upcycled beer and wine bottles, bamboo stakes, jute twine a just a dab of non-toxic glue. (Don’t worry — I don’t drink *all* of the beer and wine in these bottles!)

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*We are constantly trying to improve our native bee houses using the upcycled and eco-friendly materials available. Products may vary in size, color and attributes.*

Which species do beer bottle bee houses attract?

Mason bees are solitary bees native to North America that nest and lay the eggs in small cavities.. Males do not have stingers and females very rarely sting. A single Mason bee can pollinate on pace with 100 honeybees, making them a must-have companion for your veggie gardens, flower beds, and fruit trees.

Leafcutting bees are also solitary bees native to North America that use long cavities to nurse their larvae. They are gentle by nature and famously non-defensive. A single Leafcutter bee can pollinate on pace with 20 honeybees.

Why buy a beer bottle bee house from Emeraldology?

Emeraldology is the study of everyday actions that contribute to a healthier planet. We believe supporting small businesses with sustainable practices is a crucial part of creating a better future for life on Earth.

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