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Bee Food Pollinator Seed Mix | Sister Bees


A mix of 24 species of wildflowers meant to attract native bees and pollinators! Plant in the fall for spring blooms or plant in the spring for a burst of color the following year.

Packet contains 1.5 grams of wildflower seeds. Wildflowers will 36-40 inches tall and return year after year!

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What is Bee Food?

Bee Food is a blend of 24 wildflower seeds that will attract and feed native bees and pollinators. The mix includes perennials and biennials that will return year after year. Bee Food was carefully crafted by the pollinator experts at Sister Bees!

How does it work?

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Locate a sunny spot
  2. Fill a pot 3/4 with soil and compost
  3. Sprinkle seeds in the soil and lightly cover
  4. Gently press down
  5. Water daily

Seeds planted in the fall will flower in the spring. Wildflower seeds planted in the spring will may flower in summer, but will likely wait until the following spring. Once established, the wildflowers will return year after year — and so will the pollinators!

Pro tip: Turn your garden into a pollinator paradise with a handmade Wine Bottle Native Bee House!

What will Bee Food blooms look like?

When blooming, Bee Food is a mix of vibrant flowers with many colors. Plants may grow up to 36-40 inches. Once established, you’ll see waves of color, year after year. Better yet, your Bee Food patch will become a known food source for local pollinators and native bees!

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