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Bamboo Gardening Gloves | Unisex | Small-XL


Eco-friendly gardening gloves made with 60% sustainably grown bamboo. The fabric is soft, breathable and naturally cooling. The grippy polyurethane front coating makes them are perfect for gardening, fishing, construction and more!

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Sturdy, stylish gardening gloves made with sustainably grown bamboo. The bamboo knit fabric is naturally cooling and stretches for a tight fit and enhanced dexterity. The front of the gloves are coated with polyurethane to provide moisture wicking and extra grip.

Choose from two sizes: Large-XL and Small-Medium. Gloves stretch to fit most hand sizes.

Materials: 60% bamboo, 25% nylon, 15% spandex

Why Use Bamboo Gardening Gloves?

Eco friendly bamboo gardening gloves are a must have for home gardeners that care about what touches their body and plants. Bamboo is a natural, sustainable material that grows quickly with little water and no fertilizer.

While we absolutely believe in getting our hands dirty in the garden, some tasks are a bit too prickly for bare hands.

These eco-friendly gardening gloves are perfect for pulling weeds, spreading mulch, and digging holes. Plus, the front coating provides grip for slippery tasks like hooking up hoses. This former nursery professional never goes in the garden without a good pair of gloves and a sharp set of pruners pruners!

Bamboo gloves are great even if you aren’t a gardener. Use them for fishing, cleaning, lifting, construction and outdoor activities.

Why shop with Emeraldology?

Emeraldology is the study of everyday actions that contribute to a healthier planet. We believe supporting small businesses with sustainable practices is a crucial part of creating a better future for life on Earth.

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