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Bamboo Floss Refill


Vegan Bamboo Floss Refill Pack includes 2 spools – each 90 feet (30 yards). The floss is natural and compostable bamboo floss for zero-waste oral hygiene. Contains Tea Tree Oil for Mint Infusion.

Learn more about organic bamboo floss in the description below.

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Why Use Bamboo Floss?

The real question, is why use plastic floss? Silk floss is plant-based and compostable, making for a waste-free flossing experience. It works just as well plastic, without the pollution, and bamboo floss is extremely strong.

These refills will perfectly fit in the bamboo floss glass dispenser jar. It contains two 30 yards spools of floss for months and months of use before reordering!


Bamboo, Plant Based Candelilla Wax, Tea Tree Oil for Mint Infusion

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