Nearly two-thirds of Americans are concerned about climate change and many, including ourselves, find it hard to manifest that concern into action. The climate crisis is so massive that’s it hard enough to comprehend, let alone find a way to fight. Our mission is to enable all people a way to join the fight.

Emeraldology is a place to turn that climate concern into action — any action. To take that first step toward reducing your environmental impact. Get some skin in the game. Push that first domino and watch the others fall.

We find that consumer action — the things you buy — is a great place to start (here’s why), which brings us to…

Our Mission

Our mission is to identify and make available products and lifestyle actions that benefit both consumers and the biosphere.

(Side note: we use the term biosphere instead of planet or Earth because it refers to the living things on planet Earth. The planet itself is just a massive rock floating in space. It doesn’t really care if we’re surviving or choking on carbon emissions that we created. The biosphere is the web of living things that rely on each other and a stable climate to survive. That’s what we’re concerned about.)

What does that mean? Simply put, we review eco-friendly products with brutal honesty to see 1) if they work as well or better than the business-as-usual option and 2) if they are truly beneficial to life on planet Earth.

If a product doesn’t meet both criteria, we’ll tell you why. If it does, we’ll make it as easy as possible to access, either through the Emeraldology Shop or by directing you to other small businesses that share our values.

Our Goal

Our goal at Emeraldology is to be a business for good (we’re coming for you B-Corp!). A business for good is concerned about more than profit. In our case, we’re equally as concerned with supporting other small ethical businesses, giving back to conservation groups, minimizing our own ecological impact, and promoting actions that contribute to a livable future.

Look, we want to keep the lights on and make enough to live on. But our definition of thriving doesn’t revolve around returning profits to stakeholders. Our goal is to make “eco-friendly” the norm, and to cut through the BS products to find ones that are valuable to both consumers and the climate.

Questions or concerns about our mission? Want to us to review a certain product or look into a particular lifestyle action? Contact us here and let us know what’s on your mind! Or, find out how to contribute an article or product review to Emeraldology