When you transition into an eco-friendly lifestyle, it feels like your choices decrease exponentially, especially regarding fashion. You take part in clothing swaps, make yourself a capsule wardrobe and vintage shop your heart out but let’s face it, nothing beats the feeling of entering a well curated store or website and purchasing some new threads. If you’re feeling spendy, here are some great sustainable fashion brands to check out that won’t compromise your Earth-friendly lifestyle.


This LA based fashion brand maintains a sustainable status by “invest[ing] in green building infrastructure.” Their clothing is made from plant-based materials, rescued deadstock fabrics and repurposed vintage. Additionally, all of their packing is plastic-free and they work to offset their production impact by helping to “plant forests to naturally capture CO2 from the air, invest in clean water solutions, and purchase landfill gas offsets.” See more on their sustainability here.

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People Tree

This UK-based brand prioritizes both fair trade and environmentally sustainable practices in their clothing manufacturing. Garments are made with certified organic cotton, azo-free dyes, and natural or recycled over synthetic and non-biodegradable materials. For more on their sustainability practices, check them out here.


One of our favorite sustainable fashion brands, London-based Thoreau is vegan and proudly working hard to be 100% carbon neutral by “track[ing] CO2 emissions for all [their] products, eliminating them where [they] can and offsetting the rest.” They also strategically design their prints to maximize fabric usage and prevent waste. In their fabric manufacturing, they use strict water recycling systems and exclusively natural dyes. Check out their sustainability measures in more detail here.

Eileen Fisher

This brand boasts extensive sustainability measures including, but not limited to, use of organic, sustainable or recycled fibers, policy engagement regarding climate and energy policy, fair trade employment, responsible dying and the repair and resale of used items with Eileen Fisher Renew.

Amour Vert

According to their website, “Amour Vert is deeply committed to making sustainable practices, ethical products and positive environmental impacts the gold standard for the fashion industry.” They acheive this by focusing on sustainable materials to make their fabrics like organic cotton, beechwood, and Mulberry silk. Additionally, for every tee purchased, they plant a tree through their partner American Forests.

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