As autums comes to an end, make the most of the growing season with these fall recipes featuring local produce. Find out more information about Seattle farmers market and where to find one on their website.


You can use carrots in a variety of different fall recipes from soups to side dishes. This recipe for honey roasted carrots highlights their natural sweetness.


This quintessential Washington fruit can be used in pies, oatmeal or to add flavor to pork. Here is a recipe that shows you how to turn apples into the favorite fall drink spiced cider.

fall recipes

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This mild vegetable can be added to pastas and soups, or be served as a side dish. Another great option is zucchini bread. This recipe can freezes well so you can enjoy zucchini after the growing season has ended.


A hearty vegetable, potatoes can be used in many ways. Check out this classic recipe for roasted potatoes which pairs well with many dishes.

Winter Squash

These classic gourds are essential to autumn dishes. Acorn squash can be roasted like in this recipe and a butternut squash soup is perfect on a rainy northwest night
fall recipes

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Celery makes a great addition to stew or a quick snack with ranch. This vegan stew recipe combines celery with other fall vegetables like potatoes and carrots for a filling, comforting meal.


Eggplants can be used as a meat substitute in lasagna or for eggplant parmesan. This recipe combines farfalle, eggplants and spinach, also season and found in farmers markets.


Washington is well known for its amazing pears. This recipe combines them with blue cheese and caramelized pecans for a salad that’s anything but basic.  

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