Leaf Shave combines the user-friendliness of disposable razors with the eco-friendless of safety razors. See if this shaving hybrid is worth the hype!

A while back we looked into Earth-friendly shaving options and concluded the following:

  • Disposable plastic razors are rock bottom both in terms of cost per shave and waste.
  • Safety razors and electric razors cost more up front, but pay for themselves over time.
  • Plastic pollution is a huge bummer and we can’t really rely on recycling.

What is a Leaf Shave Razor?

The best way to describe a Leaf Shave razor is the plastic-free lovechild of a small-town safety razor and a city-slicker multi-blade disposable razor. The result is a high-quality unisex razor with the user-friendliness of a disposable and the Earth-friendliness of a safety razor.

Oh, and it comes with a lifetime warranty, so it could very well be the last razor you ever buy.

That means goodbye to standing in the shaving aisle trying to remember which disposable heads go with your plastic razor handle. Adios to getting boxes of disposable razors in the mail. Bon Voyage to asking the grocery store employee to unlock the fancy razor cabinet. And bye-bye to the “pink tax” for razors marketed to specific genders.

An essentials Leaf Razor kit costs $79-84 (with free shipping) and comes with 20 double-edged razors (40 edges). The head screws open to house up to three edges that are angled just like a disposable razor head. It also pivots to follow the contours of your face and body.

One of my favorite things about Leaf Shave is it doesn’t rely on its eco-friendly badges to sell itself. In fact, it hardly mentions its waste- and plastic-free status at all, which is why I feel compelled to do so.

Leaf Shave markets itself for exactly what it is: a higher quality product than disposable razors. The ethics and environmentalism are just a given — which is how I’d love to see more businesses operate.

leaf razor
A Leaf Razor loaded with three edges (1.5 blades).

Is a Leaf Shave Razor Worth the Cost?

I know, $80 sounds like a lot for a razor, but Leaf Shave pays for itself relatively quickly. The essential pack comes with 20 blades (40 edges), good for 13 heads at three blades per head. A 50 blade (100 edges) refill pack costs $14 and is good for 33+ heads at three blades per head.

That comes to 42 cents per three-blade head. Compare that to Gillette Mach3 cartidges which even in bulk (and a ton of plastic packaging) cost $1.56 each.

It might take a year or two to recoup your investment, but over time you’re not only saving money, you’re saving plastic waste and trips down the dreaded shaving aisle.

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Do Leaf Shave Razors Work?

The big question is “Does this razor work?” And this simple answer is yes, yes it does.

As mentioned above, Leaf Razors work just like any other multi-blade razor — just press it against your face or body and shave with the grain. And believe me, it glides like a hot knife through butter. Even on my fourth and fifth shave with the same set of blades it’s cruising with no issue, and I have relatively thick and stubborn stubble.

The author using his Leaf Shave razor and Sea Witch Botanicals grooming soap.

Zero Waste Shaving

I’m hoping to have another 60 years of shaving ahead of me and it is an incredible relief to be off the disposable razor carousel. After a few weeks, the sting of spending $80 on a razor wore off and the satisfaction of eliminating my shaving waste is setting in.

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