Our dear neighbor, Amazon CEO, and world’s richest man Jeff Bezos announced on Instagram Monday that he was rolling out a $10 billion initiative to combat climate change called the Bezos Earth Fund. Social media responded with an influx of knee-jerk reactions and demands, making for a nice little Monday afternoon.

To be fair, Bezos’ announcement was incredibly broad, leaving the door wide open for the internet to conjecture at his intentions and float ideas for where the money should go. Rather than clouding the water with another reaction, we thought we’d step back and take stock of what’s already out there.

$10 billion is a lot of money, unless your name is Jeff Bezos.

Amazon employees say there’s plenty to be done on the home front.

The Instagram comments are all over the map.

By the next day, Bezos’ post received nearly 14,000 comments and they are definitely worth a look. Here’s one screenshot with a pretty good mix of reactions.

Screenshot of reactions to $10 billion earth fund announcement.
Screenshot from Instagram.

Reddit wasn’t impressed overall.

Reddit comments included calls for Amazon to pay taxes and reduce its carbon footprint, a few cheers, and a clever idea for Bezos to buy Fox News and have the Washington Post manage it.

screenshot of response to $10 billion earth fund reactions.
Screenshot from Reddit.

Bill McKibben is happy he’s spending it on THIS planet.

The $10 billion is best spent backing climate change candidates and policies.

This isn’t philanthropy so much as another business venture.

What’s better than owning one Amazon? Owning both!

And cue the “should there be billionaires” debate…

And some people just want a piece of the action.

There’s always one in the bunch.

How do you think the Bezos Earth Fund should spend its money? Let us know in the comments section below!

Feature photo by Daniel Eledut on Unsplash.