Tru Earth Eco-strips are some of our favorite products here at Emeraldology. They’re a zero-waste laundry detergent strip that reduce plastic use and are a super simple green swap. This guide will help you pick the best Eco-strips for you and your family!

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What are Laundry Strips?

Tru Earth Eco-strips are laundry strips work just like conventional laundry detergent. Just toss a laundry strip into your washing machine! Tru Earth Eco-strips are made up of super concentrated soap and will dissolve completely in hot or cold water. After washing your clothes, any soap left in washing machine wastewater will biodegrade.

One laundry strip is all it takes for a clean load of laundry!

Besides being great for the planet, Tru Earth Eco-strips are safe for you and your family. They are paraben and phosphate free and are safe for sensitive skin. They are vegan, and Tru Earth never utilizes animal testing on their products.

Using Eco-strips gives me peace of mind. I love knowing that it’s made up of safe ingredients and that it’s plastic free. All while cleaning my clothes just as effectively as conventional detergent!

Eco-Strips Options Galore!

One of the amazing things about Tru Earth eco-strips is that they have many variations of their products. Fragranced and unfragranced, a heavy-duty Platinum line, and even laundry strips formulated for babies!

This is the definitive guide to Tru Earth Eco-strips and their variations. Regardless of the size of your family or how dirty your loads of laundry are, there is a Tru Earth Eco-strip that is perfect for you!

Eco-strips Standard Line

The three most basic variation of Tru Earth Eco-strips are Fragranced, Fragrance Free and Baby formulations. These are all part of the standard line of laundry strips.

Fragrance vs. Fragrance Free

Standard Eco-strips pack a powerful punch when cleaning clothes. They are ultra-concentrated, and work in all types of washing machines. The Fresh Linen fragrance is light and clean, with that classic fresh laundry smell. The Fragrance Free option is a great pick for anyone sensitive to perfumes and scents.

Regardless of fragrance, the laundry strips obliterates dirt molecules, odor, and stains. Tru Earth Eco-strips leave laundry fresh and clean! I always keep both versions stocked in my laundry room and use them interchangeably.

Baby Laundry Strips

If you have a little one, you know how delicate and sensitive their skin is. Because of this, there are extra precautions and steps to make sure their clothes will not cause any irritation. It’s important to ensure laundry detergent is as gentle as can be. Tru Earth Baby Eco-strips are specially formulated with this in mind and is suitable for a baby’s clothes, cloth diapers, towels, and blankets.

Baby Eco-strips are fragrance free and hypoallergenic, making them safe for the most delicate of skin. Not only is this Eco-strip formulation great for babies, but also anyone with extremely sensitive skin or any skin conditions such as eczema.

My cousin had a baby last year and has the highest standards for laundry products. I recently introduced her to Tru Earth Baby Eco-strips and her family loves them! It has made the frequent laundry loads of baby clothes easy to keep clean and safe.

Image courtesy of Tru Earth

Platinum Laundry Strips

Are you a gym fiend with huge laundry piles of workout gear? Do you get dirt and mud on your clothes after spending a day working in your garden? Or maybe your hiking gear is covered in grime after a long trek?

Anyone looking for a heavy duty clean will love Platinum Eco-strips. These laundry strips are ultra-concentrated with intense cleaning power, designed for fighting some of the toughest stains and dirtiest clothes.

Platinum Eco-strips are very effective against dirt and stains. At Emeraldology we put these up to the test by testing them on muddy dog towels. No surprise, Tru Earth beat all the dirt and no dog odor was left behind, leaving the towels looking new!

Not to mention, Platinum Eco-strips can remove oils and grease, and Tru Earth claims they are effective against smoke odor! Also available in both Fragrance Free and Fresh Linen, Platinum Eco-strips are a great staple to have in your laundry room to help handle any heavy-duty laundry loads. I always keep Platinum strips on hand and use them frequently to cut out stains!

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Why Buy in Bulk

Loving Eco-strips and find you’re always buying more? At Emeraldology, we offer 64-load packages of Tru Earth laundry strips!

These 64-load packages are great for families that blow through multiple loads of laundry a week. Or for anyone looking for extra savings on sustainable products!

Besides offering savings, buying in bulk is a great way to further the green benefits of using laundry strips. According to Tru Earth, Eco-strips already reduce transportation pollution by over 90% because laundry strips are lighter than liquid laundry detergent. Opting for the 64-load package reduces pollution even more by cutting back on the number of times needed to ship product.

The packaging of all Tru-Earth Eco-strips is compostable, and 64-load packages of Eco-strips give you double the amount of laundry strips with the same amount of packaging! Pick the bulk option to lighten your footprint and ours!

The Bottom Line

Pick the best Eco-strip for you based on your family’s needs and laundry habits. And try a 64-load pack to be extra green for extra savings!

Swapping to laundry strips is one of the easiest things you can do for the planet. According to Tru Earth, if everyone swapped to laundry strips one BILLION plastic jugs would be eliminated. This would prevent 700 MILLION from going into landfills!

This is a huge goal, but with the help of Tru Earth we can all do our part to cut out this huge source of plastic waste!