Through some sort of software-sorcery, Facebook simultaneously brings out the best and worst of humanity. But believe it or not, there is actually some useful information on this platform. It’s just sprinkled between Uncle Randy’s ill-informed political posts and pictures of Sarah-from-your-seventh-grade-science-class’s kids. One way to work around the riff-raff and get right to the information is through Facebook groups.

Thanks to moderators and group rules, content in Facebook groups is often more trustworthy and on-topic than the general feed. Groups also serve as a place for community members to share ideas — much like a virtual coffee shop. There are small quarrels over best-practices and ideas, but they rarely get out of control.

There are Facebook groups for just about everything, but we’re going to highlight ones that make sustainable living a little easier. Most of these groups are all inclusive, while others are specific to the Pacific Northwest.

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Sustainable Living

With 24,435 members, sustainable living is a relatively large group that covers all things sustainable. The content includes memes, articles, videos and photos about gardening, eco-friendly products, sewing, plastic-free living, nature photos, and more. The best part, however, is the discussion. Posts are generally interactive and spark long comment threads. Feel free to chime in or sit on the sidelines and watch!

Bonus: Check out Sustainable Livings mentorship program, which gives groups members an arena to teach and learn from each others!

Hiking and outdoors Facebook groups

Except for the carbon emissions to get the trail, hiking is nearly a zero carbon activity that contributes to a greater appreciation of nature. Hiking Facebook groups are full of trail information, beautiful photos, and gear recommendations. Heck, maybe you’ll find someone to carpool to the trail with!

Since hiking is pretty area-specific, we’re going to stick to Pacific Northwest groups. Check out Seattle Hiking with 2,000+ members or Hiking in the Pacific Northwest with 90,000+ members.

Mount Rainier. Photo by Sam Wigness.

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Gardening Facebook groups

Gardening groups are a tremendous source of community knowledge and resources. Discussions often include distinguishing plants from weeds, planting advice, natural gardening techniques, composting tips and, of course, pictures of beautiful plants! There are no stupid questions in these groups, as the gardening community seems generally interested in helping newcomers feel more comfortable.

For Seattle and PNW gardeners, we recommend Pacific Northwest Gardeners✿⊰ and Seattle Backyard Gardening. Pacific Northwest Gardeners is a larger group, but Seattle Backyard Gardening has opportunities for plant swaps and extremely local advice.

For beginners regardless of location, check out Vegetable Gardening and Gardening for Beginners.

Zero Waste Facebook groups

Zero waste groups can be kind of intimidating because, by definition, the lifestyle is pretty strict. However, they are an invaluable source of information and resources. Remember, you don’t have to go all in. Just adopt an idea or two to green up your lifestyle.

If you’re just getting started, check out Zero Waste, Zero Judgement. Once you’ve mastered the basics, check out a local group to participate in local exchanges and events. In Seattle, check out Seattle Zero Waste which has 3,500+ members sharing ideas for repurposing odd items, recipes for package-free homemade products and more!

Vegan and vegetarian groups

Eating a plant-based diet is a crucial piece of living sustainably. Whether you’re going full-on vegan or just looking for a few plant-based recipes to try out, these Facebook groups won’t disappoint. For starters, Plant-Based for Beginners has 16,000+ members and around 34 posts per day and Vegan For Beginners has 20,000+ members and around 24 posts per day.

Seattle has several vegan Facebook groups with information about local restaurants, stores and meetups. Those groups include Vegan City Seattle (WA), Seattle Vegan Connection, Seattle Vegan Society, Seattle Vegans Of Color and more.


Eco-Crews is a smaller group (681 members) that promotes and inspires environmental activism. It’s mostly photos and videos of group admin Joey Leatherman and other members picking up trash all over the country, which inspired us to do a trash cleanup project of our own. There’s something contagious about seeing other people selflessly make the world a better place. This group has it in spades.

And of course, Emeraldology Seattle!

Join Emeraldology Seattle to have our articles show up on your Facebook feed and discuss sustainability topics with your community members. We also use this group to organize and promote local events.