Making disposable diapers out of fast-growing bamboo instead of petroleum-based synthetics (plastic) seems like a no brainer for the environment. But do Eco Pea Co.’s plant-based diapers actually work?

In other words: does Eco Pea Co. really have it’s poop in a group? Read on for the answer and photos of our adorable product tester!

After lengthy contract negotiations, we convinced Baby Stella to test and review Eco Pea’s bamboo diapers to see 1) if they work and 2) what makes them eco friendly.

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Do Eco Pea Diapers Work?

We set Baby Stella up with 34 pack of size 1 Eco Pea diapers ($11.99 online) and a pack of biodegradable bamboo wipes ($3.99 online). Her only job was to do what she does best: Eat, excrete, play with her feet, and try not to break too many hearts.

After weeks of rigorous testing, Baby Stella had her assistants dictate the following statement:

“Overall it’s a great diaper. Held up to big poops and long nights. After almost 11 hours sleeping, my bottom was dry when they changed the diaper. The fit was great and comfortable. I felt like they performed just as well as the big name diapers.

There are really no negatives. As for the wipes, they also did great. They were very soft and great at wiping away the big messes. The only thing I noticed was the scent. They are unscented, but there is a smell to them. It’s not smelly but it’s weird. Sent from my iPhone”

Baby Stella, 2021

These diapers also feature wetness indicators, blowout guards, and snug fitting technology. Or, as Eco Pea puts it “all the bells-and-whistles of a big brand diaper.”

Are they affordable?

Although Baby Stella could care less about the price tag, her assistants try to keep her from going overboard. While Eco Pea diapers cost more per diaper than Big Brand, the price is competitive if you buy in bulk and save 20% with a subscription for monthly delivery. This deal also eliminates the “Plz pick up diapers on ur way home” texts and frantic midnight trips to the store.

With a subscription, a box of size 1 Eco Pea diapers cost .39 cents each and they are delivered right to your door. Meanwhile, a comparable box of Huggies cost .32 cents each at Fred Meyer.

Now let’s see where that .07 cents per diaper goes.

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Are Eco Pea Diapers Actually Eco-Friendly?

To determine how eco-friendly a product is, we look three things: ingredients, packaging, and company sustainability efforts.


Plastic is already the worst substance for the environment. It contributes to fossil fuel extraction and CO2 emissions, and it never really goes away. Adding a load of baby shit to it doesn’t really help…

Eco Pea diapers are made primarily from bamboo and 85% biodegradable materials overall. It seems sad that I even have to point this out, but unlike other brands, Eco Pea diapers don’t include:

  • Chlorine
  • Phthalates
  • Dioxin
  • Alcohol
  • Latex
  • Fragrances

Bamboo is a natural sustainable resource that grows rapidly with little need for chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Not only is it sustainable to grow and harvest, it biodegrades easily right back into the Earth. Eco Pea diapers are third-party verified to more than half degrade in just 2-3 months. Meanwhile, petroleum-based diapers take hundreds of years to decompose — and even then they’re just little pieces of microplastic that end up in our food and water.

Bamboo is also naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and SOFT. And Eco Pea diapers are dermatologist tested and approved.

So, that’s an A+ for sustainable and chemical-free materials!

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Packaging and Shipping

We find packaging and shipping to be a sneaky indicator of a company’s commitment to sustainability. Eco Pea passes the test with biodegradable packaging and a carbon neutral shipping process.

I mean, it’s tough to ask for more than that! Plus, the direct-to-consumer model is inherently more eco-friendly than a middleman retailer.

Company sustainability efforts

Finally, we like to look at whether a company is giving back to environmental or humanitarian causes. Eco Pea Co. is a 1% for the Planet member, donating 1% of their sales to support approved nonprofits — maybe that’s where that .07 cents per diaper comes in!

Business members of this group have donated more than $270 million to the environment. Smooth move by Eco Pea Co. to join the cause!

Bottom Line: Eco Pea Aces Our Tests

From satisfying Baby Stella and her assistants to having a positive impact on the environment, Eco Pea Co. is an obvious choice for parents looking for sustainable diapers and wipes. They may cost slightly more per diaper than the big brands, but the health and environmental benefits are more than worth it.

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Photos by Baby Stella’s handler.