As a hot sleeper, I’m always looking for blankets that are cozy while keeping me cool. The Elegear Arc-chill cooling blanket helped me turn off fans at night and decrease my energy use. This soft cooling blanket checks all my boxes!

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What is a cooling blanket?

Before finding the Elegear Arc-chill cooling blanket, I had never heard of cooling blankets before. They are made for hot sleepers or anyone looking for a comfortable, moisture wicking blanket.

The fabric of the cooling blanket is designed to absorb heat. This reduces skin temperature and leaves you feeling cooler. Elegear claims that its blanket can cool you down by up to 9˚F instantly! The fabric of the cooling blanket is also super breathable and designed to wick away moisture.

Does the cooling blanket work?

When I got my Elegear Arc-Chill cooling blanket, I instantly noticed how cool it is to the touch. The fabric is super soft and I was impressed by how significant the cooling feel is.

I put this blanket to the test by using it as bedding. Like many other Seattleites, my apartment lacks AC. Even in the fall, my 11th story unit gets hot even when it’s much cooler outside. My usual solution to beat the heat is to blast multiple fans on full power most hours of the day.

I found the cooling blanket makes the perfect bedding. The first night I used it, I felt so much cooler I was able to turn off my fans. In the morning, I woke up still feeling cool.

Since then, I’ve used my cooling blanket consistently and turned my fans off every night!

Even Kenai enjoys the cooling feel of the blanket!

Is the Elegear Arc-chill cooling blanket sustainable?

Electricity use

Using the cooling blanket has allowed me to cut back on fan and electricity use. Though I don’t have air conditioning myself, three fourths of American homes do. According to the US Department of Energy, 6% of the electricity produced in the US is used for air conditioners. This results in 117 million metric tons of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere annually.

Especially with global temperatures on the rise, cooling blankets might not necessarily be able to replace fans and AC units outright. However, utilizing the cooling technology can help decrease electricity use overall. I have used mine to cut back on personal electricity use and decrease the size of my carbon footprint.

Sustainable Fabrics

Elegear offers cooling bedding, blankets, sheets, and more. They have two kinds of cooling blankets, one made from synthetic fibers (mica nylon and polyethylene) and the other from 100% bamboo fiber. Of the two, the synthetic fabric provides more of a cooling sensation, reducing skin temperature by 3.5 – 9˚F, while the bamboo option reduces skin temperature by 3.5-5.5˚F.

Bamboo viscose may seem like the more sustainable option, but bamboo fabric production has often been called out for greenwashing. Processing the bamboo plant to create fabric requires harsh chemical treatments and is very energy intensive.

If you are looking for a blanket made with sustainable fabrics, another option would be the wool blanket Sam tried out last year. However, this blanket is a great option if you’re a hot sleeper hoping to cut back on energy use. The technology of the cooling blanket is an innovative solution that can lead to less reliance on AC or fans.

The Bottom Line

The Elegear Arc-chill cooling blanket is soft and cozy, while providing a cooling feel. It helped me cut back my energy consumption this summer and will keep me from sleeping hot this fall. This blanket is perfect for anyone who likes to be cool and comfortable year-round!

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