Four Sigmatic claims its organic ground mushroom coffee tastes great and can “help you avoid coffee’s dreaded dark side.” We put two Seattle coffee snobs on the case to see if these claims hold up.

My wife and I are Seattle coffee snobs. We like “Americanos” rather than regular drip, and it’s great if the Americano is “sort of like an espresso but with a little steam so that it’s not too strong etc. etc.” (This request is best with a French accent to make it more difficult to understand.)

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Why Try Mushroom Coffee?

OK we admit it: We’re a barista’s nightmare. We like the highest quality beans and roasting. However, a delicate stomach impacts my wife’s coffee snobbery, and she is unable to drink all coffees at all hours of the day. This may be the result of coffee abuse from a very young age and over many decades.

Fortunately, Four Sigmatic is working to come to the rescue. It’s ground mushroom coffee allows our love of coffee to persist, and eliminates nagging concerns about acid eating through the gut, onto the floorboards, and into the substrate.

What Does Mushroom Coffee Taste Like?

Four Sigmatic’s “lion’s mane mushroom-infused coffee” sounds weird and over the top, but it is not in the least bit with a weird taste. Instead, some of the bitterness of the coffee may be filtered out with their roasting process.

The mushroom taste is very subtle, but the benefit of the filtering process seems likely. Indeed, it’s much easier to digest than most coffee beans, in our opinion.

More importantly, it also tastes much better than most brews out there. Is the lion’s mane mushroom claim on filtering out the acid some kind of a placebo from a Seattle fantasy world? We have no chemistry knowledge to know for sure, but it sure passes the tongue and stomach test.

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Four Sigmatic: Seattle Coffee Snob Approved?

Overall, we’re giving Four Sigmatic’s Mushroom Coffee with Lion’s Mane 4.9 out of 5 stars.

It could be just a little easier to foam in a quality espresso machine, like our old faithful Rancilio. Although some other coffees are easier to foam, most don’t taste as good as Four Sigmatic.

See, told you we’re snobs!

Is Four Sigmatic Eco Friendly?

Seattle coffee snobbery goes beyond taste and quality: it’s also about sustainability and corporate ethics. And Four Sigmatic seems to bend over backwards to feature sustainability in its products and practices.

Here’s a few things that make this product sustainable:

  • Mushrooms are a renewable, low carbon source of protein with unique health benefits (learn more in Four Sigmatic’s “Mushroom Academy“)
  • Fair Trade coffee beans
  • Planting 40,000 trees in partnership with tentree
  • 100% vegan products
  • 100% USDA organic ingredients
  • Recyclable and resuable packaging (although we’d like see less plastic and zero single-use protein packets).

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