Why electric cars?

The support of electric cars has been skyrocketing recently due to the multitude of benefits these cars offer. These eco-friendly vehicles promote clean energy. Even more, they prove to cost less in management, attributed to their build and fuel costs.

Environmental benefits of electric cars

To start, The US Energy Information Administration explains that gasoline, when burned, releases a mix of gaseous toxins that contribute to air pollution and cause detrimental effects to human life. These emissions also include carbon dioxide, the main culprit of global warming. In contrast, electric cars release significantly less harmful emissions. For instance, battery-powered electric cars are completely emissions-free. Meanwhile, fuel-cell cars that run on hydrogen and oxygen reactions emit no toxins, only water. However, the same cannot be said for hybrid vehicles and environmental impacts vary based on the brand and model. Still, they all have lesser emissions compared to petrol cars overall.

User benefits of electric cars

Furthermore, electric cars cost less to own than petrol cars. Purchasing electricity as a fuel is less than the cost of other fuels, as reported by The Guardian. In addition, they require less complex and frequent visits to the mechanics since they have simpler engines. Additionally, on average, electric cars cost 2 cents per mile, while petrol cars cost 12 cents per mile. The government also supports their citizens owning electric cars. The US federal and state governments have created incentives and tax breaks to those with electric vehicles. Click this link to be taken to each of the 50 states’ incentives for electric vehicles.

In short, electric vehicles offer a wide variety of benefits for the users. Moreover, they show promise of a bright future that’s supported by green organizations, the government, and car companies.(