Allbirds Merino wool loungers are popular for being stylish, comfortable, and sustainable. But are these slippers really worth $95?

As a lazy human being, I love a comfortable pair of slippers. However, I’m sick of burning through cheap $30 pairs in a matter of months — and I’m sure the planet doesn’t love it either.

So last year I treated myself to a $95 pair of Allbirds Wool Loungers, hoping they would last longer and, therefore be more sustainable.

In this review I’ll answer two questions:

  1. Are these loungers really worth $95?
  2. What makes Allbirds loungers eco-friendly?

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Are Allbirds Loungers Really Worth $95?

A year after purchase, I’m happy to report that these slippers are worth every penny. They are still just as comfortable as they were out of the box and there are no rips, tears or holes.


Honestly, it’s somewhat shocking. I wear these loungers for hours every day, often taking them outside on the wet grass to check the mail or throw the frisbee to my dog. (Okay, and maybe a few quick trips to the grocery store). And these things have held up remarkably.

  • Insoles are still cushy, even after surviving multiple dog attacks
  • Seams are holding tight, which is rare for slippers
  • Wool lining isn’t shedding or matting
  • Tread is still like new, even after a year of heavy use

Overall, aside from a few stains and some Sammy Stink, my wool loungers are in great shape. (Psst: they are machine washable).

There’s no doubt they will last at several more years, outlasting the many pairs of cheap slippers. That makes them well worth the price, in my book.

Are Allbirds loungers comfortable?

As far as comfort, Allbirds loungers are deceiving — in a good way. While other slippers play the “who can jam the most wool inside a leather sleeve” game, Allbirds seems to be doing more with less.

The standout feature is the castor bean oil insole, which is not only dog-proof but relentlessly comfortable. Wool fleece tends to pack down (and stink) over time, but that isn’t the case here.

These aren’t the warmest slippers in the world. But, as my wife will point out, that’s working in my favor. I tend to sweat in wool fleece slippers and then my feet end up clammy, sweaty and cold.

With a light pair of socks, Allbirds loungers act more like a temperature controlled store-room than a sauna.

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Are Allbirds Products Eco-Friendly?

Let’s put it this way: it’s darn near impossible to find a slipper that’s more eco-friendly than Allbirds’ wool lounger. Let’s review some of Allbirds’ sustainability efforts:

Lounger materials

  • Merino wool uppers ethically sourced from New Zealand
  • Sugarcane midsoles made with carbon negative SweetFoam
  • Castor bean oil insoles instead of petroleum-based foam

Notice a theme? No plastic or petroleum products! See more about their materials and sourcing here.

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Allbirds shipping

Allbirds shoes ship in boxes made from 90% recycled cardboard. It’s been a year since my loungers arrived, but I seem to remember plastic-free packaging. (Correct me if I’m wrong!)

Allbirds also buys carbon offsets to balance out the emissions of its products and operations, such as shipping.

Certifications and sustainability efforts

In addition to sustainable materials and shipping, Allbirds participates in a number of sustainability programs.

  • Allbirds is a Certified B Corp (aka a “business force for good”)
  • Lightly worn returns are donated to Soles4Souls
  • Allbirds balances its emissions by purchasing carbon offsets
  • Ethical sourcing of natural materials

These efforts check nearly all of our eco-friendly boxes. I only wish this was a US-based company!

Bottom Line: Allbirds is the Real Deal!

In terms of comfort and durability alone, these wool loungers are worth $95 because they will outlast several pairs of cheap slippers. Allbirds robust and meaningful sustainability efforts put the cherry on top!

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