Emeraldology uses affiliate marketing to, well, help keep the lights on! Hey, it’s either that or fill every inch of your screen with ads!

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a way for us to make a commission the sale of products purchased using certain hyperlinks. For example, we have an affiliate marketing agreement with Pela, a company that makes compostable plant-based phone cases. If you click this link and buy a phone case, we get a percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you! In fact, sometimes we use affiliate marketing to pass on discounts and promo codes.

See? Not so scary.

How do we use affiliate links?

At Emeraldology, we always start by researching and identifying the most eco-friendly products and companies. When a product and its maker meets our standards, we’ll circle back to see if there is an affiliate marketing opportunity. Basically, we were already doing the research anyway — why not take a small cut for pointing our readers in the right direction?

We will always have a disclaimer on articles and newsletters that contain affiliate links. And here is our promise:

We only use affiliate links for products that we would use ourselves and recommend to our closest friends and family members.

For some semblance of proof, consider this: Unlike many affiliate marketers, we do not and will not link to Amazon because it’s marketplace doesn’t meet our sustainability standards (see why). We would love to! Life would be so much easier if we could link to any old product on Amazon — but that’s not how we operate at Emeraldology!

Do we collect and share affiliate marketing data?

On our end, all we can see is which links were clicked and when. We use this information to better understand which link placements are working and which placements need improvement.

We receive absolutely no information about who clicked the link or where it originated. Visit our privacy policy to learn more about how we have no interest in sharing your data.

Why participate in affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is way for us to keep this train rolling at no expense to our readers or your experience. Plus, it gives us a chance to partner with companies that share our values and offer exclusive discounts to make eco-friendly actions just a little easier!