While shutdowns and shelter-in-place orders seem to be flattening the curve in Washington, they’ve also made it much harder for the state’s beloved small business to stay afloat. Those small businesses include restaurants that cater specifically to vegans, vegetarians and plant-eaters. With sit-down dining out of the picture, vegan-friendly restaurants in the Seattle area are relying on takeout and delivery to stay open.

Well, actually they are relying on us ordering takeout and delivery to stay open. And look, we don’t care if you’ve been vegan for 50 years or just looking to try something new. We’re just glad you’re here and willing to support these businesses.

With that in mind, we wanted to make it easy as possible for you to support these establishments. Because that’s what we do! In the map below, we plotted nearly 60 Seattle-area restaurants with vegan-friendly menus along with their hours and modes of operation (i.e. delivery, takeout, ordering method, third-party options). We realize many businesses are taking it day-to-day and may change their hours or operations. Please let us know if you find that our information is incorrect!

Better yet, let us know of your favorite local vegan-friendly restaurant so we can add it to the list! Here’s a list of ours.

Zoom in to find restaurants near you, or click the arrow the top-left corner to see them in list form.

Looking to grow your own plant-based food? See which Seattle-area nurseries are operating during COVID-19!

Why does ordering plant-based delivery matter?

First of all, when else is it widely encouraged to order delivery? That’s normally the lazy, frowned-upon, last resort option. But in this situation, it’s arguably a civic and worldly duty to support small, Earth-friendly businesses!

Second, if you already eat a plant-based diet, it’s likely that one or more of these businesses helped you in the past. Maybe they turned you on to a new vegan dish. Or maybe they surprised you with solid vegan options, sparing you the trouble of altering the menu to fit your diet. Either way, it’s time to pay them back!

Last, but not least, eating a plant-based diet is one of the easiest ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

According to Green Eatz, food accounts for 17% of emissions in a US household. In general, animal products have a much higher carbon cost than plant-based foods. For example, one kilogram of beef is equivalent to 39.2 CO2 Kilos equivalent or 63 miles worth of car emissions. On the other hand, one kilogram of beans or tofu is equal to to 2 CO2 Kilos equivalents or 4.5 miles of car emissions. That’s an enormous difference! Eating a plant-based diet is an effective way to lower one’s carbon footprint.

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