Dr. Brite has a wide range of non-toxic natural products for the cleaning, oral care, and pet care. I took some products for a spin to see 1) if they work and 2) what makes them eco-friendly.

Whether you are concerned about the environment or your health, it’s generally a good idea to avoid artificial ingredients. Dr. Brite makes this easy with an entire product line made from natural, plant-based ingredients. I gave their products a whirl to find my five favorites.

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Is Dr. Brite Legitimate?

I’m skeptical anytime we see a company advertising “natural” products. But Dr. Brite seems to be legitimately backing up their claims. Here’s what makes me feel good about using these products and supporting this company:

  • Woman owned and founded by two doctors who are also sisters. See their story here.
  • Certified B-Corp aka a business force for good
  • Gluten free, SLS free and non-GMO. Basically, they cater to allergies and avoid Roundup ready crops
  • Very high grades from Environmental Work Group
  • Vegan and cruelty free!

Although their ingredients and ethics are tough to beat, I would love to see Dr. Brite move away from plastic packaging.

Our Five Favorite Dr. Brite Products

Okay, Dr. Brite’s credentials check out. But do the products work? I tested a variety of products and found five that really stood out.

Coffee & Tea Teeth Whitening Pen

After decades of daily soda and coffee consumption, my pearly whites aren’t so pearly white. I’m mostly in damage control at this point, but it feels good to at least try to brighten my teeth back up.

After two weeks of regular use I’m happy to report my teeth are a shade or two brighter. The pen is quick and easy to use and hasn’t caused any sensitivity or other side effects.

Dr. Brite also has whitening pens meant for red wine, smoking/vaping, and all-purpose.

At $18-$26, these whitening pens are reasonably priced and well worth a shot, in my experience. For the same price as a Big Brand whitening pen with god-knows-what ingredients, I’ll take this natural solution any day.

Dr. Brite Citrus Castile Soap

Never thought I would be so excited about hand soap. Actually, I never thought my wife would be so excited about a hand soap that I picked out.

With just 13 natural and organic ingredients, this soap smells great and gets the job done. It easily cuts through mud and grease and leaves the skin soft and moisturized.

I’m jamming out to the citrus scent, but Dr. Brite also offers Eucalyptus and Unscented, along with gallon jug refills to save money and plastic.

Soap works great and the bottle blends right into our kitchen and bathroom.

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Balsam Pine Multi-Purpose Cleaner

When you’re mess-waiting-to-happen like me, it’s important to have a good multi-purpose cleaner on hand. However, I am not willing to fumigate my kitchen with toxic chemicals to wipe jelly off the counter.

Dr. Brite seems to be the perfect balance of effective and non-toxic. It uses a CDC recommended 70% isopropyl alcohol combined with water, hydrogen peroxide and natural pine and fir fragrances.

I love a good (and real) pine scent, but Dr. Brite also offers these equally delightful scents:

  • Citrus
  • Unscented
  • Eucalyptus
  • Winter Air
  • Cranberry Cider
  • Pumpkin Spice
Dr. Brite’s Multi-Purpose Cleaner and these reusable bamboo paper towels make a great eco-friendly cleaning duo.

Pet Pure: Cleansing Wipes

My Australian Shepherd Pippen goes in and out dozens of times a day. When it’s wet or muddy outside (as it often is in the Pacific Northwest) that means wiping his paws each and every time he comes back inside — and our dedicated dog towels don’t always get the caked-on mud in his paws.

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For $8.99, these cleansing wipes are a life saver. Not only do they remove caked on mud, but, thanks to the natural ingredients, I don’t have to worry about Pippen licking his paws after I wipe them!

Pippen seems to enjoy having his paws wiped and actually tries to nibble on them. (Don’t let your pet eat them!)

Pet Pure: Oral Cleansing Spray

Like all dogs, Pippen gets ridiculously awful dog breath. In addition to brushing his teeth every other night, we like to give him a few shots of Dr. Brite oral cleansing spray when his breath threatens to knock us out — even if it takes a little wrestling to get him to open up.

For $19.99, I’m very happy with this product. It’s not only effective, it’s natural and beneficial for his oral health. And even though Pippen doesn’t like to say “ahhhh,” he definitely enjoys the parsley flavor.

Pippen licking his chops after a spritz of Pet Pure: Oral Cleansing Spray.

Feature photo from Dr. Brite.